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1stBrowser Mac is a flagship product separate from Google Chrome browser. In fact, it's built around Chromium, the same open source code as Google Chrome, so you can start browsing from a familiar interface. This may not be enough to seduce you, but does not provide some additional additional features that enhance your browsing experience.

When you start 1stBrowser for Mac, you can personalize it to a specific style. You can change the theme and select the icon. There are also some useful tools. 1stBrowser for Mac lets you save your favorite audio or video files to your browser with just a click. There are also handy photo tools that allow you to edit photos, apply filters, and post directly from within the browser.

1stBrowser for Mac is called the only browser that combines customization features and media management tools. Not only can you really personalize your browser, there are many great features, such as sharing and saving videos, editing images, and keeping tabs on your favorite social media sites.

Overall, 1stBrowser for Mac is a round browser. It has a familiar interface and very useful tools, such as a very useful photo tool. For users who want to tweak, this browser is very easy to tweak. On the downside, there are some Chrome extensions that are not compatible, and this alone can delay some users.

1stBrowser for Mac supports English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German.


  • Custom wallpapers and icons. The browser is fully customizable and you can choose from thousands of icons and colorful designs.
  • Easy access to favorites: Easily and lightly fast access to the most visited websites using drop-down menus with icons and popular lists.
  • Fast and secure. Surf the web safely without interference or risk. Your data is safe with 1stBrowser for Mac.
DeveloperSIEN SA
operating systemMac OS X only
file size:962KB [985,381 bytes]
version1stBrowser for Mac v.45.0.2454.139
LinkClick hereā‡¢ please download it www.filehippo.com

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