Brave Software Inc. for MAC v.0.10.3

Brave Mac v.0.10.3 is the idea of ​​Brendan Eich, co-founder of the Mozilla project. Brave Mac is a very secure open source web browser based on the Chromium / Blink engine, aimed at blocking site trackers and removing unwanted Internet ads. In doing so, it will be replaced by the ads sold by Eich.

Brave Mac also aims to improve online privacy by sharing small data with customer advertisements. This is done by targeting web ads through historical analysis [anonymous] user browsing. The dare choose to keep 15% of the advertising revenue on their own, pay 55% to content publishers, choose 15% for advertising partners, and offer 15% to browser users. As a user, you can donate to bloggers and other web content providers through the micropayment system.

Brave Mac for Mac is specifically designed to block ads and trackers. This slows down browsing, consumes bandwidth, and attempts to access personal data. Developers want to display customized, clean ads to fund website owners and other brave users alike.

Brave Mac for Mac does not have some useful security tools built in to help protect your privacy. For example, by integrating HTTPS Everywhere, we challenge you to ensure that your connection to the site is as secure as possible. Browsers also block pixel tracking and tracking cookies. You can also set the default search engine to Duck Go instead of the standard alphabet engine.

Overall, Brave for Mac is a very fast web browser, with a crisp and cropped interface, very easy to use, and the pleasure of navigating the web. After testing, I was able to navigate to my favorite websites with almost no interruption, with no noticeable confusion. The ability to help developers by giving back to top-notch security tools and communities is a true bonus. Overall, Brave for Mac is definitely a browser to check.

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